an Expose on Wing Chun Kung Fu

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  Sifu Linda Baniecki
from the shaolin jee shin wing chun association has been involved with wing chun kung fu since 1991. Since 2006, Sifu Linda has travelled extensively around China, to investigate the "roots of wing chun"

Sifu Linda
has had the honour of meeting many wing chun masters around China during her travels. Linda has also demonstrated wing chun forms, touched hands and performed chi sao with many wing chun masters during her research in China.
Sifu Linda Baniecki
 has travelled and performed wing chun kung fu in Foshan, Shunde, Kulo, Guangzhou, Beijing, Zhengzhou and Hong Kong.

 Sifu Linda's Baniecki
has just published her first wing chun book on the principles of traditional wing chun kung fu

please leave a comment about my first wing chun book.

"an expose on wing chun kung fu"

 Sifu Linda Baniecki

Expose on Wing Chun Kung Fu

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