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Sifu Linda Baniecki
from the shaolin jee shin wing chun association has been involved with wing chun kung fu since 1991. Since 2006, Sifu Linda has travelled extensively around China, to investigate the "roots of wing chun"

With sifu Linda's extensive knowledge of wing chun kung fu from China and Australia, Linda has compiled her acquired knowledge and created her first wing chun kung fu book.
"An Expose' on Wing Chun Kung Fu"

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Sifu Linda's Blog

  Blog posts include:

* My introduction to martial arts.
* Writing my first book on wing chun kung fu principles.
"Expose' on wing chun kung fu"
* Wing chun china tours
 New Blog posts every month! 

An Expose' on Wing Chun Kung Fu

The principles of Sil Lim Tao, Center line, Central line theory and 5 stages of Combat are explained and illustrated in an easy to read and understand reference on wing chun kung fu. Also, Linda exclusively explains the concepts Single Arm Chi Sao.
Sifu Linda Baniecki has been teaching traditional wing chun kung fu, tai chi and qigong at her 2 schools in Greensborough and Abbotsford, suburbs of Melbourne, since 1996.

Sifu Linda's expose' on wing chun kung fu is a culmination of years of extensive research in Australia and Overseas.

Sifu Linda studied Traditional wing chun kung fu under William Cheung and David Cheung. In 2007, Linda was sanctioned from China to teach Fung Chun's Pien Sun Wing Chun Kung Fu In Australia.
Sifu Linda also teaches wing chun kung fu to Children at her Greensborough school 3 days per week.

Sifu Linda's Wing Chun Kung Fu manual "An Expose' on Wing Chun Kung Fu"

an Expose on Wing Chun Kung Fu


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An Expose' on Wing Chun Kung Fu explains the principles and concepts on wing chun as perceived by the Jee Shin Wing Chun Kung Fu System which has its grass roots in Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.

An Expose' on wing chun kung fu helps the reader to understand and interpret some basic principles on wing chun kung fu.

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